Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is a small paradise island in the center of the Philippines. It is well known as a tourist destination. As a result of its success, the island chose to close its territory for 6 months in 2018 to preserve its environment. We had the chance to visit this small part of the Philippine’s archipelago just before the tourist restriction rules set in. Below are some tips before you spend your afternoon in Boracay.

Boracay pier

On your arrival to Boracay by cruise ship, tender boats are arranged throughout the day to disembark passengers as the island is very tiny and does not have a harbour or cruise terminal. It’s a 15 minute boat ride to reach the main village Manoc-Manoc. The pier will warmly welcome you with its tribe of locals wearing traditional attire and demonstrating local dances.

Transportation during an afternoon in Boracay

Tuk Tuk in Boracay is one of the main transportation in Boracay Philippines
Tuk Tuk Boracay

Cars, tuk tuks and scooters are waiting for tourists to provide taxi services. It is slightly overwhelming but it’s the best way to move around the island. A good recommendation is to share a tuk tuk with crew members or other guests to get the real island experience. As local people need to earn money daily, driving tourists around the island is one of the best ways. Therefore, if you have a place in mind, you need to be very specific or else you could be tricked and dropped off at the closest place from the dock for the same price in order to save gas, money and time. Make sure you changed your currency into Philippine pesos prior to getting to the island.

White sand beaches

Stations 1,2 and 3

Spectacular Willy's rock beach at station 1 Boracay Philippines
Willy’s rock beach in Boracay Philippines

The island is only 10.32 square kilometres, so it’s quick to visit in a few hours. The most popular spots are located at station 1, 2 and 3 as they are closer to the tender boat dock. We suggest starting with station 1, located at the end of the main beach in Boracay’s west coast. Here it’s usually a quieter spot where you will be able to admire and climb the unique Willy’s rock formation in the water. The unusual shaped volcanic rock is definitely the most popular landmark of the Malay island. It is a good opportunity to shoot a postcard photograph to capture the moment.

Yapak area

The rest of the island is surrounded by small beaches, quieter but harder to access it. If you have more than an afternoon in Boracay, a good recommendation would be to go to Puka beach on the north of the island by using Boracay Highway Central. After passing the city mall and the gold country club, Yapak area is the north district of Boracay and home of wilder beaches such as Ilig Iligan beach or Punt Bunga beach.

Bars and restaurants

As you stroll along White Beach, the waterfront offers a large selection of bars and restaurants as well as hotel resorts. We stopped at Dive Gurus Boracay Beach Resort, located at station 3 for a drink. It is a hotel on two levels and includes a diving club. The big benefit is the sunset roof bar on the top where you can have your meal and admire the ocean view. The holiday village atmosphere is very enjoyable, many souvenir shops complete the promenade.

To get the best out of your afternoon in this hidden gem, consider having a relaxing massage along the beach side while over looking the clear blue waters.

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