Cape Town, The Mother City

Many affectionate nicknames define the South African city. Cape Town, The Mother City is probably the most popular one and makes the most sense. Also, there are several reasons behind it. Our favourite one is the feeling that everyone has when they stay in the city, locals or international visitors: it’s the feeling of being home. The city has a colourful history and is a must see not only in South Africa but in the whole world. We had a great opportunity to explore this city for a week in May 2018. We will share with you our favourite places to visit.

Mother City’s natural landmarks

The most visible scenery you can’t afford to miss. Cape Town is surrounded by spectacular mountains! As nature lovers, the choice of reaching the top of those unusual rock formations was obvious.

Lion’s Head

At the top of Lion's Head overlooking Cape Town Mother City
At the top of Lion’s Head

Immediately after landing in Cape Town, we made a quick stop at our hotel to check-in and rushed over to Lion’s Head, located on the right side of Table Mountain. As a matter of fact, a lot of Captonians do the short hike to the top of the peak and enjoy the sunset after work. We were so excited and decided to do the same. For us this is the perfect combo: hiking and sunset. Our surprise at the top of the mountain was absolutely amazing. It is probably a 1-hour hike, easy at the beginning and harder at the end as it gets steeper toward the top but the reward is worth a try. The summit offers a 360° panoramic view overlooking the city as well as the ocean and Table Mountain. Plus, the cherry on the cake, we could admire one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen. For a complete experience, bring a bottle of wine or a beer!

Table Mountain

Table Mountain was recently ranked as one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. Its long flat summit makes its name obvious. The easiest way to reach the top is to use the Aerial Cableway but the natural park is heaven for adventurers. As a result, several hikes lead to the top. The view of the entire city is breath-taking. We advise you to spend half a day there where you can enjoy a coffee overlooking Camps Bay and strolling around many available paths on the Mountain.

Cape Town, Mother City’s beach : Camps Bay

Cape Town's spectacular scenery at Camps Bay beach with Lion's Head in the background
Camps Bay beach in Cape Town

Camps Bay is located behind Lion’s Head and is the nicest area in Cape Town. It looks like a holiday village with a Californian style: stunning beach with palm trees along the way, a surfer’s paradise as well as plenty of bar’s and restaurants by the beach road. You have the opportunity to lay down on the white sand or sit on many comfortable rocks by the water. Finally Camps bay is home of several rich villas that will make your eyes sparkle.


The colourful Bo-Kaap district in Cape Town Mother City
Bo-Kaap District in Cape Town

In the city, Bo-Kaap is the main Malaysian district and famous for its several colourful buildings. Situated on the slopes of Signal Hill mountain, you can wonder around the cobbled streets walking from one pink house to a blue followed by a green one and so on… We suggest photograph lovers visit this place to capture a few shots. It’s the most picturesque place of The Mother City due to the presence of many mosques and houses painted in pastel colours. You only need half an hour to capture the perfect shot with Table Mountain in the background.

Cape Town, Mother City’s recreational area : V&A Waterfront

Spend a day at The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, the country’s most attended place by foreign visitors. The touristic site offers many recreational activities such as a shopping mall, bars, cafes, restaurants. V&A Waterfront has its choice of leisure attractions such as aquarium, museum, sightseeing tours and big Wheel. For instance, it is the departure point of daily boat trips to the world-famous Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned before the fall of apartheid in South Africa. During the evening, we also recommend you book a champagne sunset cruise in the harbour and hop on the big Wheel for a romantic moment. We had a memorable end of our stay as we enjoyed our lunch on a patio overlooking a seal soaking up the sun along the quay. We invite you to visit the mall’s official website because there are much more to discover at V&A Waterfront :

Cape Town, Mother City offers a variety of great activities. However, there are many more adventures to explore outside the town. Stay tuned for our next blog post about the Western Cape Province !

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