Places we visited

“We travelled land and sea”. How many times did you hear that? This is probably the most common phrase travelers use when describing their lives of adventures…. Well for us it makes a lot of sense. We use to sail the seven seas to go from one land to another. 


The old continent : this is where we currently live (France). As distances are short between countries, we try to explore new places, as much as we can, during our free time.

We are fortunate having had the opportunity to visit many islands in the Carribean while working onboard Celebrity Cruises. 

The dream continent for all nature lovers and travel explorers !

 Click the link above to explore places in South Africa.

Canada and USA:  from Alaska to Vancouver BC, all the way down to Miami, we had the chance to visit many places in these 2 enormous countries.

We visited only one country in South America : Colombia. Most of our adventures were in Central America

 Our last contract onboard Celebrity Cruises was full of discoveries in South East Asia.

We would like to share with you our most memorbale stays in our favourite hotels accross the world.


We love to gain altitude. We are going to show you our best shots taken from sky tower and rooftops.