Hotel Ribera de Triana, Seville ****

Among our most memorable hotel experiences, our stay at the Hotel Ribera de Triana in Seville was very special. We booked without much expectation keeping in mind that the hotel location was slightly out of the city’s downtown. We had a lovely stay for many reasons.

Level 5th terrace at Hotel Ribera de Triana, Seville, Spain
Hotel Ribera de Triana


The hotel is situated on north west of Seville’s downtown by Guadalquivir riverside. The location is easy to find as the first and only skyscraper stands next to the hotel. As a result, Cajasol tower is one of a kind modern building in Seville’ skyline. The Triana district, where ceramic tiles were born, is simple to access with two bridges, “Puente del Cachorro” and further on towards downtown, “Puente de Isabel II”. It is a convenient 20 minutes walk to reach the old town and the main landmarks as you can enjoy the riverside or casually walk into Triana streets. Another option would be public transport with many bus lines next to the hotel.

The hallway

To be honest, the external view of the building isn’t particularly eye captivating, but it is just hiding the amazing accommodation that the hotel offers. The hallway is wide open with the reception on the right and a cosy pub on the left. It can feel a bit inhospitable at first as there are wide open spaces and usually many business people awaiting to be checked in. However, the atmosphere quickly adjusts when you reach the reception desk. In fact, multilingual staff whom are very helpful and friendly will warmly welcome you. The indoor architecture forms a triangle shape that allows one to see every floor. On the basement, the breakfast buffet is a spacious room where you can spend some calm time. The modern glass elevator on the opposite side of the buffet brings a designer touch.

Our room

We decided to book a city view room for budget reason, on the 4th floor. We were satisfied by the room standards, as it was spacious, clean and quiet. There wasn’t a balcony or anything special to see, but we knew we could enjoy the view in a different way… we will get to the point in the next paragraph.

Hotel facilities

The cherry on the cake and the highlight of the building is the rooftop bar. Therefore, Level 5th at Hotel Ribera de Triana offers one of the best panoramic views of Seville’s monuments. The bar’s business hours operate from spring to autumn. Our secret recommendation is to visit off season, as you will have the entire bar and pool area to yourself. The pub is closed, however you can obviously bring your own drinks and enjoy the facility during a sunny evening. Plus, a small pool melts perfectly with the contemporary design of the terrace. Our great surprise was also the jacuzzi next to the gym room with a romantic river view. Perfect way to start and end your day.

Overall, it was one of the best hotel experiences we have ever had. We made a great choice staying off season as the hotel was calm and the weather was spot on perfect even though it was winter season. We strongly recommend the Hotel Ribera de Triana when visiting Seville :

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