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Historically, France is notorious for its châteaux (castles) through out the country. These mansions where homes to nobility and royalty. As France has a lot of farmland, there are approximately 45 000 castles within the territory of which over 6000 are listed as historic monuments. Through renaissance and after the WWII these beautiful Palaces have been made accessible to the public either as museums, art galleries, wedding venues, vineyards and most recently luxurious hotel castle. An interesting fact, did you know that the Louvre in Paris is the largest chateau in France ? We have visited multiple castles around the world and will tell you more in following blog posts.

Château Augerville Spa and golf *****

A weekend away at a Hotel, Spa, Golf and Château all in one, showed us a once in a life time majestic experience. This little castle in France near Paris restored its original elements and transformed into a 5 star luxury hotel. The estate includes a spa, gastronomic restaurant, chocolate factory and a golf course. An amazing “avant-garde” concept that will allow one to experience “la vie de Château” !

Follow us on this journey of our unique experience: Our stay as royalty in Château Augerville Spa and golf.

The Hotel Castle

The hotel is located near the famous castle of Fontainebleau, outside of the Paris area, which is well known for being the third largest castle in France. The “Château d’Augerville” bears the name of the small village where it stands. The castle dating from the XII century was entirely renovated in the XX century, saw a lot of wars through times. Riding your car through the arch door makes a royal entrance, one that you won’t forget. The edifice is a rectangle shape and symmetric with one tower on both sides. The main entrance of the hotel is in the centre of the building with a short staircase and genuinely keeps its natural chateau feel. As the castle is very small, having only 40 rooms, which makes it quite comfortable and cozy. In fact, you can see through the other side as you enter the reception, making it ever so intriguing, giving you a glimpse of the nature surrounding the castle. The setting of the hotel is characterised with historical furniture and paintings. With the bar lounge on the left and the breakfast buffet on the right, the upper levels include only two floors which are dedicated to the rooms and suits. Another building, across the palace, used to be the servant quarters, is now an extension to the hotel providing more rooms.

Our room

We booked a deluxe room on the first floor in the main building of the castle. However, there are also suits available if you want to take it up a notch. We were allocated a butler who took us on the grand tour of the Chateau.

The door appeared to be very large but impressively opened up to high ceilings and a breath taking view of the exterior. Rooms take the width of the hotel giving you a view of the entire golf course where nature is at its vast. Therefore, the wide space inside the room is enhanced, walking on the wooden floors takes you back to a few centuries ago.

Booking a room in the main building will allow you to have the best view of the golf course. The en-suite was very modern and luxurious including a king size bathtub flowing into a long corridor which lead to the view of the golf course next to the shower.

Indulge in the exceptional facilities

The golf course

The green is open daily to regular members with a gift shop, frequented by professional golfers. The golf course has made a name for itself due to the high quality of its greenery. Plus, it’s accompanied by a little pond, which attracts small wild life. For inexperienced golfers like us, no need to feel under pressure, the booking package included a session of free practice and putting (we just had to rent the golf clubs for 5€). It was such a fun experience.

The spa

Also, with our booking, we had a 2h inclusive spa journey. On entrance to the spa facilities, you immediately unwind forgetting your everyday stress and melt away within the fantastic environment. You are welcomed by the sensory space modernly designed. It includes hydro massage zones, a counter current swimming zone, aquamusical rainforest area and tonic spaces. Next to the pool, is the sauna, hammam and pedispa, there is also an ice room. Interleading into the spa area is a relaxation veranda. Large floor to ceiling windows gives you a view of surrounding areas and brings in the sunshine.

The culinary experience

Food lovers will also be satisfied with the different facilities available. Indeed, two gastronomic restaurants are found inside the domain.

First, Jacques Coeur restaurant in the heart of the castle offers a traditional cuisine. A very good gastronomic choice with a variety of local specialities depending on the season. Long curtained windows, massive chandeliers as well as cosy decoration bring a luxury atmosphere.

Second, bistrot L’Atelier located in a different building of the area offers another kind of dining experience. With its club house spirit and a large fireplace, the room spreads a more laxed and warmer atmosphere.

Thirdly, a chocolate factory including a gift shop is also onsite to spoil yourself a little. Indulge in a hot chocolate after your golf session or spa treatment. Choose among a wide selection of chocolate made from a craftsman’s know-how. Chocolate tasting will leave you with unforgettable memories from Chateau d’Augerville.

To sum up our stay in one sentence : Chateau d’Augerville, so much more than just a hotel. Visit the hotel’s website below :

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